Criteria for Paper Presentation

Topic Format: Practical Ethical Practice and Expert Insights
Relevance and Practicality
The paper should address practical challenges encountered in the management of specific thoracic diseases. It should highlight real-world scenarios, clinical dilemmas, and issues faced by young thoracic surgeons in their current practice.
Ethical Considerations

The paper should discuss ethical considerations and decision-making processes involved in the management of the chosen disease. This may include topics like patient consent, organ allocation, end-of-life care, and treatment choices.

Expert Perspective

 The paper should provide insights from experienced CT/ thoracic surgeons who have successfully managed the specific disease. It should showcase how these experts navigate complex cases, balancing medical, ethical, and patient-centered aspects.

Comprehensive Management

The paper should cover all aspects of disease management, including clinical evaluation, diagnostic approach, surgical indications, operative techniques, and post-operative care. The aim is to offer a holistic view of the disease management process.

Live In-Box Operative Videos

Each presentation should include live in-box operative videos showcasing the surgical procedures discussed. These videos should demonstrate step-by-step techniques, highlighting key points and critical maneuvers.

Conclusions and Takeaways

The paper should conclude with clear, concise, and actionable conclusions drawn from the expert’s experience. These takeaways should provide valuable insights that young thoracic surgeons can apply to their own practice.

Tips and Tricks

The presentation should include practical tips and tricks shared by the expert, derived from their hands-on experience. These insights should offer innovative solutions to challenges commonly encountered in thoracic surgery.

Ch/DNB Examination Oriented Tips

The paper should provide specific guidance relevant to the M.Ch or DNB examination requirements. This may include tips for answering examination questions, case study discussions, and insights into the examination’s focus areas.

Time Management

Each presentation should adhere to a strict time limit of 10 minutes to ensure efficient sharing of knowledge and insights. The presenter should effectively convey the essential information within this time frame.

The selected papers should reflect a balance between practicality, ethical considerations, expert insights, and actionable takeaways. By adhering to these criteria, the conference aims to empower young thoracic surgeons with valuable knowledge and skills that contribute to their professional growth and ethical practice.

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